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Welcome INTERNATIONAL / NRI students......

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Two Year Full Time Management Programme for NRI / International Students

Application Procedure


The Goa Institute of Management is happy to welcome international students to its Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGDM).

GIM provides you with an excellent, contemporary learning experience anchored in a strong Indian setting that prepares you for a career in today’s interconnected global corporate world. Over the last few decades, India has significantly contributed to the flattening of the world and the Indian experience is increasingly valued worldwide. Goa is one of the most prosperous amongst the Indian states, one with arguably the most global outlook in the country. GIM occupies a premium place in Goa and provides you with a unique mix of a Goan, Indian, and Global intellectual context. The opportunity to live and study in Goa is of interest to everyone fascinated by the Indian story and to Indians who have been away, especially to renew ties with their own land.

GIM like any other good school in the world has a comfortable modern campus with housing for all the students and offers a rich campus life with a pan-India diverse population of students and faculty members. Living on campus provides you with unparalleled opportunities to work and study in groups and learn from your peers.

What is PGDM ?

Students are awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) after their 2 year full time study at GIM. The diploma is considered equivalent to a MBA for jobs, further studies and research. The diploma awarded by GIM is recognized by All India Council of Technical Education, Government of India ( The law permits only the universities to award Master's Degree and autonomous institutions such as GIM usually award Post Graduates Diplomas.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a full time two-year residential Master’s level program. Students joining this program have typically completed a three or four-year Bachelor's degree and many have a few years of work experience. The course is taught in English. Graduating students get jobs with blue chip companies usually months before completion of course.

What is PGDM-HCM ?

Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Healthcare Management (PGDM-HCM) is full time two years residential masters level program, specifically targetted for careers in Health Care Management. It is a comprehensive practice oriented programme, preparing future managers in all domain of Healthcare industry. The PGDM-HCM diploma awarded by GIM is recognised by All India Council of Technical Education, Government of India. Students of this course get jobs with reputed companies in various sectors in Healthcare domain.


Students seeking admissions in GIM as NRI/ International student must fulfill the following eligibility criterion:

Why GIM ?

Goa Institute of Management is a top ranking institute in India. Its diverse pan-India student body has a strong global outlooks.

GIM has a state-of-the-art academic facilities and world-class living and recreational infrastructure nestled in beautiful natural surroundings.

Our curriculum design facilitates International students to assimilate Indian business ethos and practices.

Centres of excellence in Goa Institute of Management help in a big way to learn beyond the classroom and develop in the areas of individual interest.

International Students at GIM

Goa Institute of Management has attracted students not only from every corner of India, but also from our neighbourhood. Sonam Agarwal PGDM student of 2015-17 reflects on her choice:

My decision to do MBA was made after lot of deliberate thinking on various factors....The next question was, ‘from where?’ …GIM was different from other top B-School on one major factor – it is a student driven college. ..a huge platform for students to improve management skills, organize events, workshops etc, take up various responsible roles and positions, ...Even though I have lived my entire life in Kathmandu, going all the way to Goa, India was not a difficult decision, as GIM provides immense opportunities for students to learn new things and to hone their managerial skills…My experience here so far has been very enriching and educating. 

Global experiences

Goa Institute of Management has active and productive linkages with universities and institutions across the world. These international linkages are designed to provide an opportunity to GIM faculty and students to get a global exposure as well as facilitate foreign students and faculty members to experience GIM and India. The international linkages are greatly valued by faculty and students alike and are built on strong and enduring relationships that allow partner institutes to share and learn from each other. Students and faculty enthusiastically participate in innovative programs like the Global Immersion Program ,  the Joint International Internship Seminar and  the International Exchange Programs. The participants have found these to be of great value. To quote some of them :

Susan Hague“The students from the Delgado Community College in New Orleans, Louisiana interact with the students at GIM. They interview each other on a variety of subjects and learn through interaction. Interaction helps them understand each other and their culture” 
“If New Orleans and Hawaii had a child it would be Goa!”   
Susan Hague
Professor of speech and mass communication
Delgado Community College in New Orleans, USA.


Recent Participation in exchange programme

Learning, sharing, and having fun
Our Joint International Internship Seminar (JIIS) involved learning and sharing and was not devoid of its share of fun. We would like to thank Goa institute of Management and, in particular, the GIM Exchange Program team for this opportunity to interact and work with Ruxi and Vincent from University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Our project involved assisting Magsons (retail chain of supermarkets in Goa) in e-commerce operations. The project demanded the study of consumer behaviour in Goa. Working at the main outlet in Miramar gave us access to stakeholders and helped us gather considerable information about the company and its operations. With the four of us hailing from different backgrounds – Data Analysis, IT, Marketing, and International Business – it helped to distribute work efficiently and meet the deadlines. Whenever we encountered a roadblock, we brainstormed. That enabled us to get each other’s opinions and proceed in the right direction. We shared knowledge and comparative country analyses. This helped us assess different perspectives and reach our target in an organized manner.

After a busy day’s work, we used to hang out and relax. There was cross-cultural learning throughout the project – something that will certainly help us in future. In all, we had amazing experience working with Ruxi and Vincent. We are still in touch on social media.

Ashi Verma & Sanal Varghese
Batch 2017–19

Learning through exposure and experience
I applied for JIIS (Joint International Internship Seminar) 2017 to increase my exposure to the corporate world through a new experience. I was part of a project team of four, two of whom were exchange students from University of Antwerp, Belgium. We were assigned to work with the Human Resources Management Department at Vivanta by Taj, Panjim.

The two-week project helped me learn that in-depth, structured exploration of a problem leads to its solution. The daily interaction with the Vivanta staff and with the exchange students in my team increased my awareness about other cultures. And, the work I did grew my knowledge and application of concepts learned in the classroom. Of course, I also gained insights into how the hospitality sector functions in India.

>Medha Grover
Batch 2017–19

New perspectives to handle tasks and situations

The 2-week- long program was held in September, right after our first term ended. My team comprised 4 members: me and Ajinkya from GIM and Michael and Andrea from University of Antwerp, Belgium.
Our project involved working with Smartlink, a network solutions company. Our objective was to conduct market research and develop a product portfolio based on upcoming trends. The interaction with the Belgian students helped me get new perspectives on approaching a task and reacting to different situations – experiences every aspiring manager would benefit from. Alongside work, I have fond memories of bus trips from campus to the workplace, celebrating birthdays, and weekend excursions. Participating in JIIS helped me learn from and share knowledge with peers. Great experience, all around.
Amit Joshi
Batch 2017–19

Handling real-life business situations and scenarios

Joint International Internship Seminar (JIIS) was my first exposure to real-life business. A well-structured and uniquely designed 2-week program, through JIIS I got the opportunity to work alongside Poornika from GIM and Jonas and William from University of Antwerp, Belgium.
Working on a live industry project offers immense learning and experience. We could choose from a range of projects, all equally inspiring. The brainstorming sessions were amazing. We were recognized for our efforts and received the best project award! Interacting with Jonas and William was academically and personally enriching. We could have a lot of fun and continue to remain in touch.
Dinraj Pai Khot
Batch 2016–18

The fondest memory of GIM
I could work at Vallonné Vineyards, as part of the coveted JIIS program at GIM in association with University of Antwerp, Belgium. It was an enriching experience in terms of learning and exposure.

Participating in the program helped me understand the alcoholic beverages market in Goa. We developed metrics to identify the problems that Vallonné faced as a small company with limited budget for advertising and promotions in a highly competitive market. The intensive marketing survey helped us devise low-cost strategies and identify new sales channels. Working in a cross-cultural team and not having ample resources at our disposal prompted us to think out-of- the-box and come up with creative marketing strategies. Happy to share our recommendations were highly appreciated by the client and their implementation helped to boost sales.

The two weeks with JIIS shall always remain my fondest memory of GIM.

Abhradita Sen
Batch 2016–18

The best summer of my life!
I got the opportunity to participate in the exchange program at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal. I was also fortunate to get subjects like Brand Management, International Negotiation, Business Analytics, and Leading Complex Organizations taught by renowned professors. Alongside a practical approach to teaching, classroom discussions ranged across topics and subjects.
The program enabled me to have informal interaction with several practitioners and gain amazing insights. It put me on a platform to interact and work with students from across the world and understand their views and perspectives. All this conditioned by the multicultural ethos of European cities. The rich history of each city taught me about different aspects of life. Clearly, this was my best summer – an experience that has changed me and made me more confident. Must say, if any of my friends get an opportunity in the next session, they must grab it to experience a different world of learning
Alka Ojha
Batch 2016–18


Exchange program isn’t just a year in your life; it’s your life in a year.
Enrolling for the Student Exchange Program at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics was one of the best decisions I took while at GIM. The exchange program provided me with a holistic learning experience. It allowed me to travel the world, interact with people from different cultures, work together on projects involving students from different nationalities, build connections and learn to be independent in a completely new cultural setting. As a future manager, it teaches you how different cultures in a group affects the decision making process. The learning you derive from the program gives you a different perspective altogether towards academics & life in general and helps you in your personal development. Although the program was only for one trimester, it was an experience of a lifetime.
Aniket Vallabh Kuncoliencar
PGDM (2017 batch)


The Catolica Experience


The period of time utilized at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics encompassed awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches of learning through their course of education. The School offers a number of interesting subjects that added value to my learning and helped me gain more knowledge both in terms of theoretical and practical aspects. Studying in Portugal brought about personal flexibility, encompassing an ability to reach compromise, focus and succeed through challenging times. The program helped developing my abilities to form coherent ideas adapt to adverse situation more firmly. At the end of the program I was more self-sufficient and independent person with developed leadership skills and increased knowledge on business practices in Europe. Being a part of such program definitely brought about changes that is required to survive and grow in present day competitive world. This experience taught me so much about myself and the world around and I am glad to have got the chance to experience it. Every European city had something to describe about their history and taught me aspects of life required to grow beyond stigmas. World has so much to offer, we must be brave enough to take the first step. Thank you Goa Institute of Management for providing with such an initiative and instilling confidence within me.
Nihar Sahu,
PGDM (2017 Batch)


Catolica- The experience of a lifetime!


The Soul should always stand ajar ready to welcome the ecstatic experience!
If one were to ask me years from now about the highlight of my MBA days, surely the Lisbon Exchange Program experience would be the first thing that would pop up in my head. The exchange program was the best decision I took while at GIM. Never before had so much holistic learning taken place in a matter of just two and half months. The exchange program through its exposure to new cultures, people, languages, foods, ethnicities etc. definitely broadened my outlook and gave a whole new perspective of looking at life. It was the time where I met one of the most loving communities and the warmest of people, learnt a lot of life lessons too… lessons in civic sense, acceptance, selflessness, respect, gratitude etc. The two months of being independent in an alien culture developed a more independent personality in me with a renewed sense of confidence of fitting into any cultural fabric. Staying and travelling across Europe has a lot to offer in terms of cross cultural learning, histories, understanding of global ways of doing business etc. And to top it all, Catolica which is Europes 24th Best B-school provides the best platform for great classroom and out of the classroom learning and the opportunity to make friends with people from various parts of Europe and the world. I am very thankful for having got this opportunity to be part of the wonderful experience that I will cherish for life.
Zain Khwaja,
PGDM (2017 Batch)


Learning experience at CLSBE was truly remarkable. The courses weredesigned to promote a smooth yet steep learning curve. The faculty was highly knowledgeable yet extremely friendly and approachable. Emphasis was on collective learning through discussion and sharing of experiences. The classrooms were well designed and complemented the overall learning culture of CLSBE perfectly. There was a great degree of openness in the learning environment in the campus and especially inside the classrooms. They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in reality I was blindedby it. Bag packing across this magnificent continent I learnt some of the most important lessons of life and many not so important. I grew a little older yet became much wiser. I went in to this program with countless expectations and yet somehow Lisbon and Europe gave me much more than I could ever imagine. A new perspective, new goals, new possibilities and of course a new and improved me!!!
Anirudha Chavan


Student Exchange Program Experience


Exchange program to Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics was one such experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. The program offered me skills and benefits from academics as well as cross cultural values & environment. I opted student exchange program to gain a learning experience in an international academic setting and also to widen my cultural and community perspective. The courses offered there gave me an opportunity to learn management fundamentals on a global scale, and helped me build a multifaceted approach to learn along with social poise and group dynamics. Also the Euro Trip with new friends has created new memories and a new beginning embarked through a renewed and rejuvenated perspective towards life.
Shivangi Singh,
PGPHCM (2017 Batch)




The Joint International Internship Seminar (JIIS)

The Joint International Internship Seminar (JIIS) is held every year in the month of September in collaboration between the University of Antwerp and GIM.

Students from the University of Antwerp and GIM work together on live projects in organizations in Goa. The projects are spread across various industries and challenge students to work together in cross-cultural groups to solve real management problems faced by the organizations.

This JIIS is an intensive two-week program and provides a unique learning experience to students from both Institutes. Students from the University of Antwerp travel to India along with their Professors for this Seminar.

The JIIS has over the years successfully delivered on projects in organizations and participating students have found it to be an excellent opportunity to learn how to work across cultural differences as well as to experience working on live projects with tight deadlines.

Student and Faculty Exchange Programs

GIM’s student exchange programs enable students from its partner Universities to study here in Goa as well as enables GIM students to study abroad at the partner University. This opportunity exposes our students to a cross-cultural learning environment and GIM has had the pleasure of hosting students from its international partner Universities at its campus here in Goa.

Students are encouraged to participate in these exchange programs and are supported by the International Exchange Program Coordinators. The students who are meritorious and yet do not have the means to go for the exchange programs are supported by some limited number of scholarships from the institute.

GIM also has an active faculty exchange program where faculty from partner universities conduct courses jointly or independently in each other’s Universities.

Partner Universities:

Life in Goa and at GIM

Goa is India’s No.1 tourist destination and is popular for several reasons, mostly its pristine beaches on its large coastline. The people of Goa are reputed to be friendly in welcoming tourists and all guests who come to the state whether it is for a short visit or a longer stay.

This year Goa celebrates the golden jubilee of its Liberation and joining the main stream of life in India. From the Portuguese it has inherited a Mediterranean lifestyle and with its low population density and spread of habitation it enjoys reasonably good living standards, a part of the way of life in Goa.

With highest per capita income and high GDP growth combined with its reasonably high literacy rate all contribute to making living in Goa an educative experience. Goa is rare case of a state combining economic prosperity with social advancement.

The Goa Institution of Management’s new campus is located at a picturesque spot in the foothills of the Sahyadris, a location that is conducive to inspiring thoughts and healthy living. However in Goa the river and the beach are never too far and can be easily accessed in the weekends.

Travel to Goa can be by air, rail or road and because of its tourist infrastructure all these are most accessible. Travel to GIM’s Poriem Campus requires a little more effort by road. It is 1hr 15min from the airport, 45 kms from the nearest rail station and an hour from Panjim. The Campus is largely self-sufficient and Sanquelim town is only 2 kms away with access to medical facilities and shopping.

For the nature lovers, Goa is a paradise and hiking in the environment of the GIM Campus is a refreshing experience.

Many of the faculty  members live in the Campus and others, who have built houses in other parts of Goa, access it on a daily basis. All students live on campus to facilitate good learning experience and manage heavy schedule of work assignments that can run into the night.

The library on Campus is accessible 24x7 and is air conditioned as are all the class rooms and the auditorium. The Cafeteria is accessible till the late hours of the night and is controlled by the Students Health Club. The institute boasts of one of the best set of on line data banks in the Country and these can be accessed by all at any point in the Wi-Fi enabled campus.


  1. What is the degree awarded at GIM known as?
    Goa Institute of Management provides Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at successful completion of all academic requirements of the two year full time programme. PGDM is equivalent to a MBA degree.
  2. Is PGDM of GIM recognized by Government?
    PGDM is approved by AICTE, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India..
  3. How long is PGDM course? How many credits?
    PGDM is a two year course. The course usually begins in June and ends in March/April. It involves 71 credits of core courses and 48 credits for electives, spread over six terms.
  4. What are Majors/Minors offered at GIM?
    Students may take any combination of electives from different functional areas. Large number of student chooses electives from a single area based on the aptitude and career goals. Marketing, Finance & HR are popular areas.
  5. Is housing available on campus?
    All students need to stay on campus. Single and shared semi furnished accommodation is available for all students. Campus has a cafeteria and recreational facilities.
  6. Does GIM need GMAT and TOEFL scores?
    All Non-resident Indians / International students are required to submit GMAT scores. TOEFL scores may be asked in some specific cases.
  7. I am a foreigner, but live in India and have taken GMAT, can I apply?
    Foreign nationals can apply through GMAT, by writing to admissions office and filling in an application form for International students.
  8. I am an NRI,  I live outside India and have taken GMAT, can I apply?
    NRI can apply through GMAT, by writing to admissions office and filling in an application form for NRI students.
  9. What are fees?
    Fees for NRIs and International students are here. 
  10. Do I need to come to Goa for interviews?
    NRI / International candidates shall be interviewed through video conference and selected candidates shall be offered admissions. Prospective students may like to visit campus, if they happen to be in Goa.
  11. Do I get exposure to Indian Corporate scenario?
    PGDM has a summer project of about 8 weeks with one of the leading business in the country for students to get and exposure to real life business situations. In addition, students interact with visiting faculties and other speaker’s in various forums. A large number of cases and projects are drawn from Indian scenario. All faculty members and many students at GIM have work experience, and group work as well as informal sharing is a powerful mechanism of learning.
  12. When will the course begin and end?
    PGDM/PGDM-HCM 2019-21 is scheduled to start in beginning of June 2019 and complete at end of March 2021.