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The two-year full-time PGDM is the Institute’s flagship programme. The PGDM is accorded NBA accreditation and equivalence with Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree of an Indian University.


The curriculum, comprising six terms, constitutes a judicious mix of core and elective courses. In the first year, students participate in the unique Give Goa project that helps them to become more socially aware and responsible towards the broader good of society. At the end of the first year, students pursue the Summer Internship Project (SIP) spread over 8 to 10 weeks. The SIP is meant to bridge the gap between institutional delivery of knowledge and contemporary organizational practices.

GIM’s Student Exchange Programme provides selected students the rare opportunity to pursue academic internship with global partner institutions. Through the Student Exchange Programme selected students can also study abroad for one term. The Joint International Internship Seminar (JIIS), an intensive two-week programme, is held every year in September. JIIS enables selected students from the University of Antwerp and first year students of GIM to work together on live projects in organizations in Goa.



The main objective of faculty members is to help students develop qualities and internalise values which make for effective organizational leadership. This involves much more than just the knowledge of specific theories and models. To develop specific skills different learning methods – from problem analyses, case studies in groups, and simulated games to small group seminars and 'laboratory' exercises – are appropriately used. In order to facilitate the learning process, students are also provided ready access to the Institute’s electronic databases, learning material, and Internet resources.


The Evaluation System


The Institute’s evaluation system is geared to motivate all students to excel. Apart from end-term examinations, a student’s performance is continually assessed on the basis of a range of activities including class participation, term papers, mid-term tests, and surprise quizzes. The evaluation system is rigorous and a student needs to meet the minimum qualifying standards in order to continue with the programme and get awarded the PGDM.


International Accreditation

GIM is committed to continued review of the programme curriculum and aligning the curriculum, pedagogy, and evaluation system with international standards. With this aim, the Institute is planning the international accreditation of the programme.


Curriculum Review

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." This statement by George Bernard Shaw espouses the efforts of GIM in revising its curriculum. Curriculum review committee is working towards the development of a set of recommendations which specify changes we can make to our curriculum which would bring it into line with our 'Learning-Centric' approach and ensure that what we do is of quality and value to our students. We envision a curriculum derived based on evidence based, collaborative/ reflective and learning focussed approach. A curriculum where ‘learning' is at the core. A curriculum which prepares our graduating students to be a decision makers who can integrate their functional learnings , graduates who are critical thinkers and sensitive towards the need of an inclusive society, graduates who demonstrate their understanding of leadership skills. A curriculum which acknowledges beyond-classroom initiatives. 


Faculty Advisor

Every student admitted to the Institute is assigned a Faculty Advisor. Assisting in the induction process, the Faculty Advisor monitors the student’s progress during the period of study at the Institute.


Awards and Medals

The Institute recognizes merit and talent in students enrolled in the PGDM programme through awards / medals:

  1. Fr. Romuald D'Souza Gold Medal for the Best Student of the Year
  2. The Damodar Sripad Borkar Gold Medal for Academic Performance
  3. Dr. Deepa Martins Memorial Medal for Special Recognition of Extracurricular Activities
  4. Shri. Nirmal Goswami Gold Medal for Best performance in Communications
  5. The Alumni Association Gold Medal for the Best Summer Project

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