Centre for Innovation

About the Centre

The Centre for Innovation is a growth and accelerator platform of Goa Institute of Management. We explore innovation challenges, aim to produce academic, and industry relevant practices and provide thought leadership in design, development, analysis, management and execution of breakthrough ideas. We also facilitate the development of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ecosystem and its related services across the nation. We connect the faculty, students, our partners, the market and society.

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in the endeavour to ideate, conduct and perform leading edge innovation. 

Our Mission

To strengthen innovation practice and capability; facilitate innovation and innovators; and position Goa as a leading innovation hub.

Our Purpose

Our Partners

The Centre for Innovation is connected to a large network of scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups, public sector, private sector and NGO's. Many of them solidify their relation to the Centre for Innovation/Goa Institute of Management through various partnership.

Upcoming Flagship Programmes through the Centre 

Meet our team! We are all eager to connect, share ideas and play.

Chairperson and Head 

Nitin Upadhyay is a Researcher, Inventor, Innovator, Consultant, Leader, Coach, Academician and Prolific Writer. He has worked and provided consultancy services at some of the top Fortune 500 companies. He has a wide industry, academia, consultancy and research experience. He is the most sought after speaker on Innovation, Design, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Future Technology and Analytics.


Nitasha Borah is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She juggles the roles of academician, facilitator and personal growth coach. She has over twelve years of experience in working with individuals and teams looking to enhance and manifest their emotional wellbeing, creativity and leadership potential.

Rohit Mutkekar is a Researcher and Academician in the area of Statistics. His area of expertise is Statistical Inference, Reliability Modelling and Operations Research.

Sarat Kumar Jena is a Researcher and Academician in the area of Operations Management. His area of expertise is supply chain management, logistics, closed-loop supply chain, tourism supply chain, inventory management, supply chain analytics and optimization. 

Ranjit Kumar Dehury is a Researcher and Academician in the area of Health Care Management. His area of expertise is health. evaluation of national health programs, human resources for health, health systems studies, hospital administration and traditional/complementary medicine.

Akshay Bhat is a Fellow of XLRI, Jamshedpur. After a stint as a Section Head of Engine Design in Volvo-Eicher, he went on to specialize in Strategic Management where his area of investigation and research was to understand as to why some Joint Ventures go beyond intended objectives. His academic interests include Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Business & Corporate Strategy.

For more information to collaborate with us, please get in touch at:
Goa Institute of Management, Poriem, Sattari, Goa 403505.
Tel: 0832 -2366751 | Fax: 0832 2366710

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