Final Recruitment

Rolling process
1st September, 2020 to 30th November, 2020
December second week tentatively.

Pre Placement Talks:

This is an opportunity for the companies to increase their visibility on campus. This also provides the corporate with a great opportunity to interact with the batch, and tell them about the offered job profiles and the career growth path in their organizations.The Firms are provided with state-of-the art audio-visual equipment. In case a company requires a Video conference facility, it is also made available to them. 

Placement Week Guidelines

  1. Organizations desirous of participating in the final placement process should register with the Placement Cell.
  2. At the time of registering, organization must indicate their preferred dates for the Pre-placement Talk and the Final Interviews.
  3. GIM will assign and confirm the campus interview dates for the registered organizations.

Allotment of Slots

A Company will be given a day and a slot (8 hours duration). The allotment of the same shall be done on the following criteria:

  1. Batch Feedback
  2. Brand/Company Name
  3. Job Profile
  4. Salary Offered
  5. No. of Positions
  6. Past relationship with GIM

Lateral Process

The Lateral Process would be rolling in nature, commencing on November 1, 2017. Companies would be given the batch profile and they would be required to submit the list of short listed candidates before the aforementioned date.

Pre-Placement Offers

Pre-placement offers made to the candidates are to be routed through the Placement Cell. Any organization desirous of giving such an offer may get in touch with the Placement Cell.

Communication of Offers

The company makes an offer to the successful candidates at the end of its allotted slot. All offers are to be communicated only through the Placement Committee.