The General Management Area comprises of faculty from disciplines such as Strategic Management, Economics, Values and Ethics, Business Law, Leadership, Cross-Cultural Studies and Business Government & Society. The Area concerns itself with Leadership and Management of the enterprise as a whole. The Area provides courses from variousHumanities and Social Sciences disciplinesto broaden the thinking of managers. The Area inculcates in the participants a General Management perspective by offering integrative courses.

The General Management Area offers several Core and Elective courses for the two year PGDM program at GIM. The Area also offers a field based project and two simulation courses which are unique to GIM.

The Social Responsibility and Action (SRA) Project is a compulsory field based project undertaken by participants for 20 Thursdays during the first year. The participants work on projects with different Corporates, Government Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations, that benefit the local community and disadvantaged sections of society.

Capstone Simulation is a web based Business Strategy Simulation. The participants form groups, own a business and play the role of its managers and engage in an experience that integrates all functional areas of business.

Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) is a web based simulation exercise that provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of blue ocean strategy and gives participants an opportunity to explore and study in depth the logic and methods that are common to blue ocean strategic moves in real business settings.