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Information Technology and Operations Management are two closely interrelated functional areas in all manufacturing and service firms. This cross-functional subarea is designed to satisfy the need in industry for MBAs with in-depth training in both areas. Graduates from this major are better prepared to accept future value creation challenges in Core Industries, IT Firms and Service Industries. Focus of the area is to prepare the future managers to improve the quality and productivity of enterprises by applying proven principles, developing new principles with evidence based approaches.

Core courses

Core courses are covered mainly in first two semesters.The objective of the core courses are to provide a strong foundation in IT and operation management area so as to empower the students to choose appropriate electives and pursue personal goal for those who want to pursue IT and Operation Management in future.It also gives a broad overview of IT and operation management to all the students so that they can appreciate the role of these functions in an organization. Following are the core courses:

Elective courses

Elective courses are designed as per the need of the students and the industry. It is designed through a consultative process involving students, potential employers and the faculty. Therefore it varies in each year. The courses offered in the current year are: