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The Marketing Area at GIM offers a wide range of Core and Elective courses. The emphasis is to impart knowledge about the latest marketing trends to our students and design courses with a strong industry interface. In the first year, students undertake courses to build the fundamentals of marketing and in the second year, a wide choice is offered in the chosen area of specialization.

A key core course which differentiates GIM from other B-schools is Markstrat – an international marketing simulation designed for teaching strategic marketing concepts and decisions. Each student team competes with the other to successfully pilot their company over a multi-year period. Competitor actions and reactions, new product launches, sales and distribution strategies all define how teams manage their own product portfolio, R&D projects, positioning, pricing and distribution channels.

Some of the elective courses offered to the second year students include Business-to-Business Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Execution, Marketing Research, Sales & Distribution Management, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Management, Rural Marketing and Social Marketing & Social Engineering.

The Marketing Area at GIM has also been honoured with several awards including:

  1. B-Schools with Industry-related Curriculum in Marketing
    ABP NEWS National B-School Awards, Mumbai, 29th June 2013
  2. B-School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Marketing
    21st Dewang Mehta Business School Awards, Mumbai, 23rd October 2013
  3. B-Schools with Industry-related Curriculum in Marketing
    Lokmat National Education Leadership Awards, Mumbai, 13th February 2014

Core courses

  1. Marketing Management 1
  2. Marketing Management 2


  1. Consumer Behaviour 
  2. Marketing Research
  3. Neuro Marketing
  4. Pricing
  5. Sales and Distribution Management 
  6. Services Marketing
  7. Brand Management
  8. Customer Relationship Management 
  9. Digital Marketing 
  10. Integrated Marketing Communication
  11. Retail Marketing
  12. B2B Marketing 
  13. Consumer Judgement and Choice Models
  14. Marketing Analytics and Implementation
  15. New Product Development 
  16. Rural and BoP Marketing 
  17. Social Marketing and Engineering for Sustainability