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V. Padhmanabhan

V. Padhmanabhan
Associate Professor (OB and HR)
91-832-2366752 , 91-9894959091
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  • Ph.D.
  • MBA
  • M.Phil
  • FDPM (IIM-A)


Padhmanabhan's teaching and research interests are in the area of individual and group dynamics. His curiosity is in observing group processes and its impact on the group and organizational performance. He is currently undergoing the Professional Development Phase in group processes intervention in Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS). He has done his Ph.D. from Bharthiar University and FDP from IIM(A). He has completed Organizational Certification Program (ODCP) from ISABS and certified in FIRO(B).

His interests are in gathering organizational stories and writing case studies that explore the processes at the self and interpersonal level in organizations. Some of the cases authored by him have been published in Asian Business Case Center – a case publication house of Nanyang Business School, Singapore, Ivey Publishing and have been listed in Harvard Business Publishing. One of his Ivey case study was selected in IVEY's "Cases in leadership", SAGE publication.

Area of expertise:

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources.

Courses offered:

Individual behavior, Power and influence in Organization, Conflict Management, Interpersonal and Group process

Research and consulting area:

Cultural diagnosis, Co-creating vision, mission and values, Understanding self, Effective interpersonal relationship, Team building and conflict management, Emotional intelligence


Research & Publications:

Refereed Publications


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Book Chapters

  1. Padhmanabhan, V., & Singhal, D., ISO 9001: 2000 QMS as Supply Chain Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises. In ISO 9001: 2000 QMS as Supply Chain Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises. Macmillan India. (2008).

Cases in Books

  1. Padhmanabhan, V. Conflict Management at TKC Consulting. In W. Rowe & L. Guerrero (Eds.), Cases in Leadership (3rd ed., p. 528). Richard Ivey School of Business & SAGE Publications. (2013).

Other Publications

  1. Padhmanabhan, V. An analysis of selected causal factors influence on the purchase decision of consumers toward the private label. PACE Journal (2010).
  2. Padhmanabhan, V. Course Material on Marketing Management (Compiled). Bharathiyar University School of Distant Education, Coimbatore (2008).