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Joy Chowdhury

Joy Chowdhury
Assistant Professor (Economics)
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  • PhD (Economics)
  • M.Phil (Economics)
  • M.Sc (Economics)


Prior to join Goa Institute of Management, Goa Prof. Joy Chowdhury was working with IBS, Chennai as a Faculty Member in the area of Economics. He also taught at NMIMS as an Assistant Professor in the area of Economics. He has also worked with ISB, Hydearbad,  IIM A and Jadavpur University.

Area of expertise:

Statistical and Econometric Modeling, Applied Economics.

Courses offered:


Also teaches/ taught at:

IBS, NMIMS, Mumbai, Goa University

Research and consulting area:

General Equilibrium Modeling, Applied Economics, Forecasting.


Research & Publications:

Referred Publications


  1. Chowdhury, J. GDP and Pollution: Empirical Analysis for the Nafta Trade Block, International Journal of Economic Growth and Environmental Issues, 5 (2017)
  2. Chowdhury, J. The impact of Carbon Dioxide emission on the FDI: An emperical analysis of Nafta area, International Journal of Economic and Business Review, 5(6) (2017)
  3. Chowdhury, J. Towards an Empirical Analysis of The Impact of Goods Trade Liberalisation on Services Trade, EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review, 4(10). (2016)

Book Chapters

  1. Chowdhury, J., Mahawar, A., & Laha, A., Estimating Export Demand: An Empirical Analysis (DVD) Presentation. In Proceedings of the Fourth IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence. Ahmedabad: IIM. ISBN : 978-81-909529-34. (2015).
  2. Chowdhury, J., Forecasting Foreign Direct Investment in India. Abstract published in the proceedings of the international conference on ‘Financial Risk Management Innovative Tools and Techniques. Chennai: IBS. (2008).
  3. Gupta, K., Chowdhury, J., & Khaddaria, R., Aquaculture vs. Wild Shrimp Fisheries: A Bio-Economic Analysis for West Bengal and Orissa. In P. Kumar & B. Reddy (Eds.), Ecology and Human Well-Being (p. 408). India: Sage Publication. (2007).
  4. Chowdhury, J. & Others, Estimating and Analysing Demand for Multiplexes. In R. Jain, P. Gupta, & U. Dhar (Eds.), Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness -Strategy, Operations and Finance. India: Allied Publishing. (2007).

Other Publications

  1. Chowdhury, J. & Others, Environmental Services and the Associated Economic Activities of the Shrimp -Mangrove System in the Indian coastal Zone of the Bay of Bengal with Emphasis on the Sunderbans in West Bengal. GCP – JU- SHARP. (2004).
  2. Chowdhury, J., Mangrove - Fishery Linkages: A Brief Review of Existing Literature. Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University Working Paper. (2004).