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Amiya Kumar Sahu

Amiya Kumar Sahu
Associate Professor (Finance)
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  • Ph.D, KIIT University.
  • MBA (Finance), Berhampur University.
  • B. Sc., Berhampur University.


Prof. Amiya K. Sahu is an MBA in Finance from Berhampur University, Orissa. He has about 13 years of experience in management teaching, research and consultancy in leading organizations of the country. He has worked on different consulting projects at IIMA, Dalal Mott McDonald India Ltd.;  IBS, Ahmedabd; and KIIT University. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D on Institutional Investments in India, “Monitoring by Financial Institutions and Impact on Firm Performance: Evidence from India”.

Area of expertise:


Courses offered:

Financial Statement Analysis & Business Valuation, Financial Management.

Also teaches/ taught at:

IBS, KIIT University.

Research and consulting area:

Capital Market, Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy.

Research & Publications:

Refereed Publications


  1. Sahu, A., Vaswani, L. & Chakraborty, A., Institutional Investments in India: A Review of the Literature. IUP Journal of Corporate Governance, 13(2), 42-59, (2014).
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Book Chapters

  1. 1. Sahu, A., Give Goa Initiative at GIM. In Proceedings of the 4th Indian Management Conclave. New Delhi. (2013).
  2. Sahu, A., Deviations in Institutional Investment: Who Leads in India? In Proceedings of the World Finance Conference. Cyprus. (2013).
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  5. Tripathy, A., & Sahu, A., Supply chain, logistics and outsourcing: Back to basics. In Proceedings of the ninth International Symposium on Logistics. Bangalore: IIM Bangalore. (2007).

Other Publications

  1. Sahu, A, Wealth Creators and Destroyers in India, 2001 - SSRN Electronic Journal. (2017).
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