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Cedric Serpes

Cedric Serpes
Associate Professor (General Management)
91-832-2366719, 91-9823947298
Email Id:
  • BA (Litt) St.Xaviers College, Mumbai.

  • Master of Science (MS Communications) University of Southwestern Louisiana, USA.


Experience :

22 years in the field of Marketing and Advertising.

Some Clients Handled in India :

MRF Tires; Raymonds; The Taj Group of Hotels; Blue Star Refrigerators; Vimal Suiting; Batliboi Lathes; Classic Cigarettes; Shaw Wallace; The Times Of India;

Some Clients Handled in Asia Pacifc :

Microsoft; SmithKline Beecham; Proctor & Gamble; Audi;

Final Posts Held :

Executive Creative Director (EDC), GREY- Singapore and (ECD) BBDO- Malaysia.

Areas of Skill :

Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking; Marketing Communication; Marketing Strategies; Writing and Production for Multimedia; Communication Theories and Attitude Change Strategies; Brand Management.

Courses Taught Currently :

Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking; Integrated Marketing Communication.

Out Of Class, Non-Credit Courses Taught/Facilitated :

Music Composition/Lyric Writing and Music Video Production; Short Film Making; Theatre; Photography; Face and Hand Casting.

Chairperson :

Centre for Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking.

Member of Board of Studies with Goa University on Photography and Multi-Media, 3 year degree course. 

Advisory Committee, Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu. 

Area of expertise:

Creativity and Innovation, Marketing Communication, Advertising Management

Courses offered:

Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking; Integrated Marketing Communication

Also teaches/ taught at:

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad; Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur; IIT-Gandinagar & IIT- Jammu; Manipal University, Jaipur; IIIT- Kota at Jaipur

Research & Publications:

Refereed Publications


  1. Cerpes, C. Golgotha and other Poems. International Journal of English, Language, Literature and Humanities, 4(12), (2016). 

Conference Proceedings

  1. Serpes, C. & Menon, G; A conceptual model for introducing design thinking in management schools. International Conference on Research into Design, 7-9 January (2015).

Other Publications

  1. Serpes, C. (2015, June 13). Should a surgeon play the Oboe. O’Heraldo (Goa, India).
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