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Pravat Surya Kar

Pravat Surya Kar
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
91-832-2366756, 8698039316
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  • M.B.A., Sambalpur University.
  • Ph.D., National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India.


I have 15 Years of Professional Experience in Consulting, Academics, and Research. Past nine years of this experience has been as a full time academician. I teach Marketing Management, Social Marketing & Rural Marketing. In past have also taught Services Marketing. My research interests includes management of relationships & engagements in online & offline marketing contexts. I take keen interest in social & behavioural change practices. Prior to joining teaching in 2005, approximately for six years, I was working for power distribution utilities like NPCL, Noida and WESCO, Orissa, in different parts of India. My responsibilities during those corporate assignments included customer relation, business development, and project management. During, that stint I had successfully led several sales & marketing campaigns both at B2C & B2B levels. I had started my career in 1999, with Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical MNC as a territory sales manager, in the south Calcutta region, of India.


Area of expertise:


Courses offered:

Business Marketing, Relationship Marketing.

Also teaches/ taught at:

RIMS, Rourkela.

Research and consulting area:

Buyer-Seller Relationship, Data Analytic, Retail and Social Engineering.


Research & Publications:

Refereed Publications


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Book Chapters

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Conference Proceedings

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Other Publications

  1. Sahu, A., & Kar, P., Improving the Occupancy Rate of the Hospitality Division, at the International Centre, Goa. Goa: International Centre, Goa. (2015).