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Manas Mayur

Manas Mayur
Associate Professor
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  • PhD, GGSIP University, Delhi.
  • MSc, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
  • BSc., Hindu College, Delhi University


Prof. Manas Mayur has a Msc from FRI,Dehradun in Economics and Management and PhD from GGSIP University, Delhi in Finance. He has worked as a full time faculty with B schools like IBS Hyderabad, IME, Sahibabad and IMT CDL. He has published research papers in journals of national repute like Vikalpa and Journal of Applied Finance. Besides, he has also contributed  research papers and cases in the edited volumes. Three of his research papers are registered as working paper at IIM, Lucknow. Research carried out by him has been acclaimed by many academician and researchers. He has received best paper award at several conferences. His research interests include: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Corporate Governance.

Area of expertise:


Courses offered:

Financial Management, Security analysis and portfolio management, International finance.

Also teaches/ taught at:

IBS Hyderabad, IME Sahibabad and IMT CDL, Ghaziabad.

Research and consulting area:

Corporate finance and Capital market.

Research & Publications:

Refereed Journals


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Conference Presentation

  1. Desarkar, K., & Mayur, M., Relationship between underpricing and post IPO performance: Evidence from Indian IPOs. In Presented at the world finance conference. Venice, Italy. (2014).

Book Chapters

  1. Mayur, M., Pandey, R., & Sebastin, V. An Economic Valuation of Indirect Benefits of Watershed Management in Rural Rajasthan: A Contingent Valuation Study (1st ed.). Green Business, Allied Publishing, (2006).
  2. Sinha, S., Sahay, B., & Mayur, M. National Industries Limited. In Cases in Business Management (1st ed.). Allied Publishing, (2006).
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