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N Meenakshi

N Meenakshi
Associate Professor
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  • PhD (FMS, Delhi)
  • MIB (Delhi School of Economics)

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Also teaches/ taught at:

NIILM Centre for Management Studies


15 years

Research & Publications:

Refereed journals


  1. Kumar, A., & Meenakshi, N. Developing Work Culture Through Collective Bargaining at Escorts Limited. Management and Labour Studies, 29(3), 205-224. (2004).

Case studies

  1. Nagarajan, M. & Kumar, A. Havells India Limited: Transition from an industrial brand to a consumer brand. Vikalpa, Journal of IIM, A. (2015).
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Case studies in books

  1. Meenakshi, N. Promotion of Fairy Queen Express. In S. Neelamegham (Ed.), Marketing in India: Cases and Readings (4th ed.). Delhi: Vikas Publishing. (2012).

Other publications

  1. Kumar, A., & Meenakshi, N. How to Scale Brands Up or Down. Indian Management. (2003).
  2. Kumar, A., & Meenakshi, N. Recession: The consumer disconnect. Indian Management. (2003).