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Sumant Kumar Bishwas

Sumant Kumar Bishwas
Assistant Professor (OB & HR)
Email Id:
  • PhD (IIT Delhi)
  • MBA (ABV-IIITM Gwalior)
  • B.Tech (IT) (ABV-IIITM Gwalior)

Area of expertise:

Human Resource Management, Strategic Knowledge Management, Change and Flexibility

Research & Publications:

Refereed journals

Forthcoming Articles

  1. Bishwas, S., & Sushil., Knowledge Management, Learning, and Innovation: Key processes for Customer Satisfaction and Organizational Success. Knowledge and Process Management Journal (Wiley). (Forthcoming)


  1. Bishwas, S.K. & Sushil, LIFE: an integrated view of meta organizational process for vitality. Journal of Management Development, 35(6), 747-764. (2016).
  2. Bishwas, S.K., Achieving Organization Vitality through Innovation and Flexibility: An Empirical Study. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 16(2), 145–156. (2015).
  3. Bishwas, S.K., Conceptualization of Organization Vitality based on Strategic Knowledge Management. Global Journal of E-Business and Knowledge Management, 7(1), 45-52. (2011).

Book Chapters

  1. Bishwas, S.K., Critical Processes for Organization Vitality: A Conceptual Study, Systemic Flexibility and Business Agility, Springer. (2015).
  2. Bishwas, S.K. & Sushil., Knowledge Management Process in Organizations and Its Linkages with Flexibility: A Caselet Based Inductive Study, Organizational Flexibility and Competitiveness, Springer. (2014).
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