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Rohit Prabhudesai

Rohit Prabhudesai
Assistant Professor
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  • PhD (BITS Pilani)
  • MIB (Curtin University of Technology, BE (Goa University)


Dr. Rohit Prabhudesai has published and presented research papers in the fields of international business management, small business strategy, and data visualization in journals and conferences of international repute, while his work has also been acknowledged with the best paper award. He also writes and reviews on management as well as sports related topics for reputed newspapers, websites, and journals. His specific research interest lies in the area of strategic alliances, international market entry modes, and cross-cultural dynamics.

Area of expertise:

Strategic Management, International Business, Data Analytics and R Programming

Also teaches/ taught at:



  • Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune
  • Research Analyst, Hues of Aspiration

Research & Publications:

  1. Prasad, Ch. V. V. S. N. V., and Prabhudesai, R. (2018). What drives SME explorative- exploitative alliance formation: An integrated perspective, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research. 15(1), 79-98.
  2. Prabhudesai, R., and Prasad, Ch, V. V. S. N. V. (2018). Understanding the international alliances of SMEs: An integrated perspective, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 35(1), 102-125. 
  3. Prabhudesai, R., Prasad, C. V., Walwadkar, S., and Agrawal, S. (2018). Analyzing the Impact of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty on SME Alliance Formation: An Indian Perspective. International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness, 12(1), 37-43. 
  4. Prabhudesai, R., and Prasad, Ch. V. V. S. N. V. (2018). What drives trust-performance relationship in SME alliances?, International Journal of Business and Globalization. 20(3), 316-327. 
  5. Prasad, Ch. V. V. S. N. V., and Prabhudesai, R. (2018). An Empirical Study on TQM Practices and Its Influence on Employee Satisfaction and Performance in Technical Institutions: Teachers' Perspectives, Journal of Management and Marketing Review, 3(3), 169-178. 
  6. Prabhudesai, R., Prasad, Ch., and Ang, B. (2017). Exploring Emerging Latin America: Implications for German Companies Using Spain as a Springboard Country, Global Business Review, 18 (4), pp. 1-17.
  7. Prabhudesai, R., and Prasad, Ch. V. V. S. N. V. (2017). Antecedents of SME alliance performance: A multilevel review, Management Research Review, 40(12), 1261-1279. 
  8. Prabhudesai, R. (2014). Are Expatriate Assignments Worthwhile? In The Changing Paradigm of Globalization, Indian Journal of Management Science, 4(2), 50-56.