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Prakash Singh

Prakash Singh
Assistant Professor
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  • PhD (Economics)


Prakash is a versatile economist with Ph.D. in Economics from University of Delhi, India and M.Phil from IIT Bombay. He specializes in Financial Development and sub-themes of Development, including Regional Growth, Innovation, ICT, Access to Finance and Productivity inter linkages at firm level and International Trade. His research works are guided by policy relevance. He has been a recipient of ICSSR Doctoral Fellow at Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) and Arunachala Mudaliar Gold Medal for his M.A. in Applied Econometrics from Pondicherry Central University, India. He is well equipped to manage variety of data including unit level data: NSSO, ASI, COMTRADE, WBES, etc. He has played instrumental role as teacher in the Indian Economic Service Officer Trainees, training at IEG. To compliment his academic progression, he has undertaken many independent research assignments at key academic institutions such as IEG; IDE-JETRO; ARTNeT-UNESCAP; and also with Senior Economists at the World Bank. This has helped him further his analytical acumen and presentation aptitude. He was also actively involved in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation activity through teaching tools. He also takes interest in learning from history, sociology, political science, culture and science.

Area of expertise:

Access to Finance and Firm Performance, Finance and Firm Export, Finance and Growth, Para Tariff and Trade and Regional Development

Also teaches/ taught at:

Applied Econometrics and Dealing with Data to Indian Economic Service Officer Trainees at Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, India

Research and consulting area:

MSME performance, Access to Finance and Firm Performance, Regional Development, Para Tariff and Trade and Issues related to firm in unorganised sector.


14 years

Research & Publications:

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Book Chapter

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