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P Bala Subramanyam

P Bala Subramanyam
Associate Professor(Big Data Analytics)
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  • Ph D (Statistics) , Sri Venkateswara University
  • M.Phil. (Statistics), Sri Venkateswara University
  • M.Sc. (Statistics) , Sri Venkateswara University

Area of expertise:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Manufacturing Analytics

Courses offered:

Data Preparation, Predictive Modelling, Optimization Techniques, Business Statistics, Quantitative Methods

Research and consulting area:

Manufacturing Analytics , Predictive Modelling


Research & Publications:

  1. Dr Balasubramanyam.P, M.Chandrasekar Reddy et all(2014) "An Effective Approach to Resolve Mulitcollinearity in Agricultural Data", International Journal of research in Electronics and Computer E( IJRECE), Vol 1. Issue 1 Oct-Dec, 2013. ISSN: 2348-2281(ONLINE).
  2. Dr Balasubramanyam.P, S Divakar et all(2013) "Comparative performance of some Timeseries Forecasting Models", Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol 3, Issue 12, December,2013. ISSN 2231-5780.
  3. Dr Balasubramanyam.P, Venkata Ramanaiah.M, (2010) "Graphical Measures of Errors in Regression Modeling," International Journal of Computer, Mathematical Sciences and Applications, , vol. 4, pp. 345-355.
  4. Dr Balasubramanyam.P, Shanu Agrawal, (2018) "Ensemble of Time series forecasting in complex approach," 5th World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress and World Congress on Computer Science, Machine Learning and Big Data, . Dubai, UAE, August 30-31, 2018,