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Abhijeet Gujar from batch 2013-2015 of Goa Institute of Management PGDM-HCM

shares his experience in the course, his career progression and some advice for students with similar goals. After graduating, Abhijeet joined SETHU, a charitable trust working for a noble cause in the area of Child Development & Family Guidance.

I enrolled for the course with about seven years of work experience under my belt. Naturally, the question did cross my mind about what kind of value addition it would offer. I need not have worried.

The extensive course curriculum that covers various aspects of the healthcare domain and the rich experience of the stellar GIM faculty were huge attractions. While working in industry, I realized that there are many aspects of management that can make an organization function more smoothly. In reality, I found that middle-management is resistant to change. It seemed the right time to move away from the mainstream and hone new skills, rather than just spend time going through the motions.

The rigour and reality of the course were in many ways promising. Years spent in the industry made me assume that I knew what it meant to work hard. However, at GIM, the day seems to transcend 24 hours. Luckily, the batchmates were great teachers - working with these future leaders itself was a great lesson in management. Student-managed committees were also a great opportunity to learn and contribute. In-house faculty was always available for support and guidance, and the visiting faculty was also approachable and willing to help. Class discussions and case studies were enriching experiences, and project and related field work provided an opportunity for practical learning.

As for the results, I will say most of my aspirations were met. I can see tremendous changes in myself, and I can see my confidence grow, which has helped me tackle difficult situations. Basically, the course made me a very consistent and persuasive person and provided skills to effectively manage teams and a myriad of tasks. The course work and entire curriculum helped me polish on areas that I was already good at, and also helped me work on areas which needed improvement.

This particular course stresses a lot of aspects beyond academics, which makes it relevant for the non-profit sector as much as it is relevant for industry. Moreover, it addresses a pressing need in the healthcare industry for well-rounded professionals. Such courses will ensure skilled personnel equipped with courage and a never give up attitude get into Industry. The Healthcare Industry will grow with the dynamic leadership of tomorrow’s managers who are focussed onthe social sector and not just on numbers andprofits.

My advice for juniors who would like to embark ona similar path is to be clear in their thought process; and, if there is an organization like Sethu, which is genuinely working towards a good social cause and is maintaining high standards of work and ethical concerns, then do not hesitate to join. There are various challenges to tackle in this sector; some are not directly comparable to industry, but are no less challenging. If you are joining this sector to prove you are different, then please DO NOT JOIN! If you genuinely believe in the cause, then PLEASE DO NOT DELAY!!!

There is a lot of learning here.

I have very fond memories of my time at GIM and I am still in touch with many of my batchmates. Faculty members are also in contact through email and with occasional personal visits, made easy by the fact that I am based in Goa.

Finally, I’d like to share a fond personal memory from my time at GIM. We were based in the Ribandar campus, and we had a cricket match with PGDM students at the Sanquelim campus. We were chasing and regularly losing wickets. Target was piling up and at one stage it came down to almost 23 runs in 9 balls with 1 wicket remaining. Most of the team-mates had given up hope, but I continued to cheer for the team. Eventually we won and a positive spirit won that day.