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A dream job with Hindustan Unilever and 35 kgs shed over two years Anurag Tibrewala's GIM journey

Anurag says that the PGDM experience taught him “to learn, adapt and improvise as per the situation and use these strengths to ace the interview.” Reflecting on his desire to attend the institute, he explains: “It was a tough selection process into GIM, but having cleared it, I can safely say that the PGDM was exactly what I was looking for”

Anurag Tibrewala’s motivation to do a PGDM came from his sister, whom, he tells us, was herself enrolled in a management program. Inspired by the rigour of the course and its focus on an all-round development of students, Anurag decided that he would follow in her footsteps. Armed with a B.Com (Hons) in Finance and two levels of a Chartered Accountancy course, he says that it was his coaching institute for the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) that short-listed a few good institutes to apply to. One of these was The Goa Institute of Management (GIM).

“It not only comprised a much-needed focus on academics, but also provided a holistic approach to personality development. These are some of the reasons why I reached my goal,” he admits. His time at GIM not only made him more confident of his abilities, but the environment was such that he could work hard and also find the time to stay fit. “I became so much healthier. I lost about 35 kg over the two years I spent at the Institute,” he says.

Looking back at the months leading up to the placements, Anurag recalls his time with JP Morgan Chase during GIM’s summer internship program. This experience, he says, helped him during the placement process, as it provided him with the right foundation with which he could get into his coveted job – Assistant Finance Manager with Hindustan Unilever Limited. “Maintaining the accounting side of the business, working on capital management and hedging foreign exchange fluctuations, will be part of my responsibilities,” explains Anurag.

Anurag credits the PGDM experience with an education in “learning, adapting, and improvising as per the situation.” He continues, saying, “I used all these strengths to ace the interview which finally got me the job. I was also honest in my answers – I made sure that they were straightforward and to the point.” One example is his honesty in expressing his interest in taking on strategic roles for the organisation: “They seemed to really like my answer and this is what I feel swung the interview in my favour.”

Proud of the transformation he went through at GIM, not only on the academic front but on the personal front as well, Anurag says that the first person he told about his placement was his sister. “For me, she is an inspiration,” he says. “I always dreamt of being like her and I wanted to thank her for everything she’s done for me.”

And as he steps into the ‘working’ world, Anurag’s words of advice to those he leaves behind are, “Concentrate on whatever is being taught in class and choose your electives based on the field you want to get into.” Simple words, but ones that hold a wealth of meaning!