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Best research paper at the International Conference

Dr. Nitin Upadhyay awarded the best research paper at the International Conference on Technology and Quantitative Management in South Korea, for his groundbreaking work on Systematic Decision-Making Framework


“Nan haengboghaeyo!” Dr. Nitin Upadhyay hails you cheerily. What he means is “I’m happy!” in Korean. Just back from South Korea, Dr. Upadhyay has been leaving no opportunity of foxing his students and fellow faculty at Goa Institute of Management with a smattering of the language.

“Actually, it was my second trip to South Korea,” he points out. “I’ve been there earlier when I was with Samsung Advanced Research Lab, Bangalore.”

A rudimentary knowledge of the Korean language aside, Dr. Upadhyay was at the Hoseo University in South Korea to present his shortlisted research work on Systematic Decision-Making Framework (SDMF) at the International Conference on Technology and Quantitative Management.

“The quality of research papers from across the world was absolutely top class. I knew that this research on SDMF (Systematic Decision-Making Framework) had a lot of merits, but I wasn't very sure that this paper would be awarded as the best paper,” says Dr. Upadhyay.

But win the award he did. His paper outlining his work on decision-making techniques and tools was declared the best paper from amongst submissions from nearly 40 countries, an achievement that speaks volumes for GIM’s thrust on world-class research.

“Ever since my days in the Samsung Advanced Research Labs at Bangalore, apart from advanced research on cloud computing, futuristic computing innovative devices, mobile computing, test frameworks and other cutting edge technologies, I’ve also been working on decision-making techniques and tools that help businesses and individuals make the right decisions while minimising risks. I’ve been researching the development of a framework that, in software terms, is simple and intuitive to use, but which could facilitate complex decision-making. I developed a framework which can provide a systematic decision, minimising the risks, costs, and effort for industry and academia”.

Dr. Upadhyay is not new to such accolades. He has more than 50 papers to his credit, has presented papers at quite a few international forums, and has authored 8 books in the area of computer science. However, he rates the award for the Best Paper at the International Conference on Technology and Quantitative Management as amongst the sweetest.

“It’s my first at Goa Institute of Management,” he says with a wide smile. “Once my paper was accepted for the conference, everything - travel, food, expenses - was taken over by the management of GIM.”

The mention of ‘food’ unexpectedly took the topic elsewhere.

“It’s tough being a vegetarian in Seoul,” he shook his head at the injustice. “I was there for five days. I explored the local market around Asan, where the University of Hoseo is, as well as its Natural Hot Spring. All us were shown around the Seoul tourist market, Dongdaemun, and we were fortunate to dine at the top hotels in Asan. We were served exotic Korean Food, and the best I could do was try their special chicken soup. But, there’s a bright side,” says Dr. Upadhyay, perking up a bit. “I’m now quite an authority on what vegetarians should eat when in Seoul. Try the Vegan Sushi rolls, Squamules, and Kimchi. These are made of rice and vegetables and algae.”

Dr. Upadhyay has come back with a few ideas on how to take his current work on decision-making tools and techniques to the next level, testing innovations around software systems, digital infrastructure and platforms, Big data and cloud platforms. He’s looking to take his research to other prestigious conferences like the ICIS, AMCIS, PACIS, ICCS, ITQM.