Recently, several allegations have been made against GIM on social media channels, by the publication of the resignation letter of the former Director of GIM, Prof K Balakrishnan. Some of these are untrue as Prof Balakrishnan presumably did not have the facts. Prof K Balakrishnan decided to resign after a due process of investigation made by the NOMREMCOM of the Board, of several complaints made by students, faculty as well as members of the Board. This committee held that Prof Balakrishnan was not a suitable Director for GIM. He was found unsuitable based on performance and attitude, resulting in a loss of credibility with all stakeholders.

Regarding the allegations made by Prof. Balakrishnan in his resignation letter, we believe they are incorrect and made without his ascertaining the facts. In any case the allegations made will all be investigated for veracity by one of our auditors and reported to the Board.

The allegations regarding GIM not having adequate AICTE approvals have caused some anxiety among our prospective students and to our alumni.

All our courses (PGDM, PGDM (HCM) and PGDM (PT) are AICTE approved and have always been so, since inception. We also have NBA accreditation and MBA equivalence for the PGDM course and have applied for accreditation for the others which are comparatively recent additions. We are also well advanced in our quest for SAQS accreditation and also AACSB accreditation.

GIM is a reputed and respected 24-year old business school, built on a strong foundation of ethics and values in management learning, as outlined in our student philosophy. Our learning is driven by a team of competent and dedicated 52-strong accomplished Faculty and practitioners with rich industry experience.

We are a "not for profit" organisation. All our financial dealings are transparent and accounted for online, with negligible cash transactions. Our accounts are regularly audited and submitted on time for approvals. GIM's Finance Committee ensures probity in all financial matters and safeguards the financial health of the Institute through budgets and controls of high standards. Auditing is done by independent professional auditors. The Institute was built and is maintained entirely through its own funds and bank borrowings.

We have world-class infrastructure which has been rated highly by several eminent rating agencies in our Management Education system. The same applies to our library, which subscribes to more than 20,000 online academic journals and data sets, and over 15,000 book titles. Together, the spending under this head is close to a crore of rupees per year.

We also have a state-of-the-art Finance Lab where students can study the performance of all listed companies world-wide and use that database since 1960 to do various analyses - either financial or market analyses. They can also simulate trading on the stock market and do a simulated trading live with a small phase lag.

Each member of the GIM fraternity is committed to academic excellence, to research on management issues. At our campus, we are committed to student well-being - mental, physical and spiritual. We continue to be a team that builds careers in management and our commitment to support our students and alumni remains steadfast.

On our Board of Governors, we have always had eminent persons who have a wealth of experience. Our Academic Council is headed by Prof Ashoka Chandra PhD (Cornell). He was formerly a Government of India, Chair Professor of Technology and Innovation Management for 5 years. He was also Senior Professor of Technology Management at IMI for over 10 years. He was Founder Director of IIM Lucknow. Besides him the AAC also includes 2 former Directors of IIMs - IIM-A and IIM-K and a former VC of the Goa University.

Nasser Munjee