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Making a difference, giving back to society – a look at GIM Hyderabad Alumni Chapter’s initiatives

"The planet doesn't need any more successful people. It desperately needs more peacemakers, restorers, healers, storytellers and lovers of all kind," said His Holiness the Dalai Lama. But what if one could combine both, like the members of GIM's Hyderabad Alumni Chapter? Successful professionals, they are trying to do their best to give back to society. Initiatives like "Lunch with Kids" and get-together at KBR National park have shown that they mean business. And, it is proving good for everyone around them.

Sandip Mishra, (PGDM, Class of 1997), has been associated with charitable institutions and NGOs for a long time. "Lunch with Kids" was his brainchild, readily endorsed by the group. They worked with Child Haven International, an NGO that has been doing stellar work for the underprivileged. In one voice, the group members shared, "The idea was to distribute footwear to underprivileged kids. But we also wanted to make the day memorable for them. So we decided to sponsor a lunch. It was heart-warming to see the smiles on the children's faces."

The B-School's Hyderabad Alumni Chapter meets every fortnight to brainstorm and come up with activities that draw strength from its threefold mission - connect with the alma mater, have a social impact, and build brand GIM.

This common and greater purpose of making a difference binds the group together, in spite of the busy schedules of its members. The group claims since these are often self-motivated initiatives, the alumni members create time for them. The time management skills and cooperation, where some members take turns to organize events, also helps. The bonding these activities inspire among them is a huge bonus. They are unanimous in declaring, "The experienced alumni get the pleasure of mentoring the greenhorns. The coming together of generations of GIM alumni for noble causes generates joyful camaraderie." 

The alumni group strongly feels social responsibility is essential for both individual professionals and corporate organizations. Though CSR is a statutory requirement, they believe many organizations go the extra mile because the goodwill generated brings much higher payback. This rings true for this group. With an eye on future activities, the members say, "The KBR National park get-together gave us the right ambience to connect with and to highlight the dwindling forest cover around the city. We will try to focus on this area along with initiatives for underprivileged kids, elderly people in old age homes, and more."