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Life of an intern in a multinational consultancy firm – nothing short of being amazingly “gratifying”

Oisheeparna is from Kolkata. Pursuing PGDM from Goa Institute of Management. Attended Summer Internship in Mumbai. Looks forward to join the global workforce in about a year. The beauty of having Management education right! Boundaries and borders get blurred, beyond imagination.

Oisheeparna's summer was spent with GEP Worldwide, a multinational consultancy firm operating from Mumbai. GEP Worldwide selected her after a series of tests and interviews. Life of a consultant looks fancy from the outside, but it takes a lot to do justice to the profile. You work under the constant stress of managing endless responsibilities, pulling all-nighters, crunching important data, analyzing complicated numbers, creating thick-big decks to pull together observations, travelling incessantly. What not! One mistake in a digit and the entire calculation falls apart. Oisheeparna absolutely enjoyed all the challenges of the internship. She says, "My internship was gratifying in every sense of the word."

GEP Worldwide selected Oisheeparna and offered a stipend of INR 50,000 per month. But according to her, the tangible benefits to her growth as a professional have been more valuable than the monetary compensation. Here she reveals how the internship has moulded her.

Oisheeparna's internship focused on Development of Procurement (Strategic Sourcing) Project Pipeline of a reputed client in the insurance sector. It took her to the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, where she rubbed shoulders with seasoned industry professionals. Talking about a regular day during the internship, she says, "Since the live project was for an Insurance client in the UK, the work hours were from 2.00 to 11.00 pm. Timings had to be stretched when there was urgency to deliver, but it was exciting - I was constantly interacting with managers."

She believes peer learning is one of the most important aspects of internship. Oisheeparna revelled in the opportunity to work with and learn from senior professionals. She was supported by her organization mentor, who guided her every step of the way. With the GIM mentor reviewing her progress every fortnight, she remained focused on her job responsibilities. "During my internship we had a client visit. Later, through my mentors, I learned they had appreciated my work. That was a really proud moment." 

Besides the support from her mentors, Oisheeparna adopted her own strategies to stand out and shine. "In a consultancy firm, you need to be proficient in using Excel, which I was. I learned the importance of delivering on time and backing findings with data. But, above all, you should learn to take constructive feedback from peers."