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How often do you ink your pen?-By Lakshmi Ramaswamy

Co-founder at Being You! Consulting - Coaching, Facilitating, Nurturing
Alumna, Class of 1996, Goa Institute of Management

How often do you look to develop yourself, acquire a new skill?

From the days of seniority/hierarchical organisations, we have now transcended to knowledge/application oriented collaborative teams that cut across generations, regions, countries, and continents.

We don't wait for the ink to dry before refilling; we keep filling and we keep writing. Similarly, one should keep learning and do so innovatively!

Every time you start writing something new, see to it that you are also refilling your pen with fresh ink!

By this I mean learn to adapt to new ways of working and align to contemporary trends.

When mentoring a second year MBA student, I shared an anecdote from one of my coaching sessions with a CEO. Immediately, the student asked, "Oh, but he is a CEO! How can he have any developmental needs?" Meaning - a CEO knows it all! What can you coach him for?

The fact of the matter is that the more agile you are and the more you look for areas to develop, the better you are as a leader.

We must recognise that skill development/self development is required not only to get promoted or to grow in the organisation, but to sustain in one's current role!

To keep up to speed in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguos world, one should be on a continuous learning mode!

Learning doesn't have to happen only in a formal setting; it can happen in many ways. Learning on the job/ in the classroom can be enriched by experiences from everyday life. Learning in informal settings, learning by sharing your experiences/challenges - including water cooler, shuttle to office, and lunch table conversations - can lead to insightful findings. Findings, which can spark further interest and motivation to share and learn.

It is time that we learnt to change our inner narrative and, in turn, change our approach towards learning.