Rohit Singh

Mr. Rohit Singh, GIM alumnus, talks about his journey from a management student to a CEO of a flourishing startup and reveals what makes professionals relevant in changing times.

“The biggest challenge for any professional in today's time is to stay relevant. Markets and consumers are changing constantly and one has to innovate continuously to stay relevant.” This is the invaluable advice offered by Mr. Rohit Singh to future management professionals from his B School, Goa Institute of Management. The alumnus from the GIM 1996 batch has over 19 years of professional experience and is now the CEO of Daakiyaa, one of the fastest growing startups in the ecommerce world. Here he recalls his journey from being a management hopeful to a successful professional who has carved a place for himself in the industry.

Mr. Singh is a literature graduate who was keen on challenging himself by walking down the road less travelled. Therefore, he joined GIM for its second batch of PGDM and worked towards a career in the corporate world. “I was never a rebel but looked at things differently, which is crucial for creating and innovating. What may have been branded as a rebel then is today an important skill that is much sought after in the industry,” he tells us, outlining his decision to attend GIM. “We were the first batch to study at the Ribandar campus of the institute and there were a lot of processes that were set by us. It helped me set up processes and systems at Daakiyaa.”

Having started his management career as a Regional Manager with Radico Khaitan Ltd., Mr. Singh has worked with several big names, including Pernod Ricard, Dr. Lal PathLabs, BVM Minerals and InorqTechnologies. As a result, he has seen the marketing domain function in different industries, and in his talk, he shared his experiences: “It has been a fascinating journey filled with constant learning. Functional skills are necessary when the scope of work is precise, defined and limited. But as one moves towards senior roles, the role encompasses varied skills and expertise. I like to emphasize that my ability to adapt and focus on solutions held me in good stead.”

Understanding the need for disruptive strategies for organizations in the present scenario, Mr. Singh started specializing in them. He believes it has helped him in his various roles, especially as the CEO of Daakiyaa. He stresses the need to evolve as a professional, saying, “Even pundits need to constantly learn, evolve, execute and implement. I think I will become professionally irrelevant the day learning ceases. There have been accolades, challenges and brickbats along the journey but everything has led to learning.” He is also quick to declare that, for him, it all began at GIM.

According to Mr. Singh, B Schools play an important role in shaping “Management Champions” by harnessing their skills and developing their thought process. That’s exactly what happened for him at GIM: “My formative years as a management professional were shaped at the institute where I learned the basics. I always fall back on them when I have to analyze complex situations as it helps formulate relevant solutions. I spent two fantastic years at GIM and everything from brilliant faulty, great friends, beautiful campus and amazing food has made a special place in my heart forever. As Mr. Singh ends on an emotional note, it is clear that he feels that he owes his institute a lot. And, students should listen to his advice, as his path represents one that begins while at GIM.