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Rated Films

From its humble beginnings of silent black and white movies, the world of Cinema has assumed larger than life proportions and morphed itself from a mere medium of entertainment to one of academic interest and research to connoisseurs galore. “Rated Films” is the effort on the part of the management and students @GIM to acclimatize the world with the greatest art form- Cinema. This effort brings together all the Cinema aficionados from the GIM family and celebrates an assortment of the diversified genres of Indian and World Cinema. Over the past year we have not only screened movies in foreign languages which are critically acclaimed but also covered all genres of films. We have also organized events which test the knowledge, which helps to distinguish between a true cinema lover and a movie buff. For winning all events organized by us, all you need is a passion for moviemaking or for watching movies.

Rated Films” being only in its nascent stage of development has bundle of opportunities for the ones who possess affinity for reviews and discussions about anything and everything about the medium of films. Films help extend the horizons of knowledge. To the student community of GIM and the cinema loving world, we do not only screen the best movies for the light break in your humdrum daily routine, but provide you with a lens to appreciate the art where the guiding force is: Perspective. We, at Rated Films, believe in the fact that Cinema is way beyond the dimensions of what the film maker portrays on the silver screen; it engulfs perspective of its audience creating an aura of wonderment. And that makes a world of difference.

Celebrate Cinema, Celebrate Life.

Welcome to Rated Films @ GIM.

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