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INCEPTION is a two day filled event with some exceptional musical performances, thumping dance acts, complemented with lip-smacking food festival for all foodies. Through this annual event GIM aims to unite the musical minds belonging to different cultures, languages & states of our country & create wondrous music together.

Started in 2011 as a musical evening, Inception has taken giant strides to become the annual cultural festival of GIM.

Over these 5 years of its existence INCEPTION has witnessed some of India's most popular musicians playing exclusively for the students & faculty. The star performers include Dill Vineet, Manmohan Raj, Welsey Aaron, Mohd. Arif Ali, Chaitanya, Ravindra Chary, Satyajit Talwalkar, Sangeet Haldipur, Gino Banks, Sheldon D'Silva & Anusha Mani and last year with Daniel Fernandes and Elvis Lobo and Friends Project which has made Inception reach heights of ultimate success. 

The evening begins with dance performances and musical performnaces. In between various performances, a lot of hidden talent gets unearthed to surprise, please & enthral the audience. The stand-up comedians make short appearances all through the evening & get people falling off their seats with their impersonations & humorous anecdotes. 

As the evening progresses, it becomes difficult to ascertain who is more absorbed in the music - the audience or the artists. Inception goes on well past midnight & the audience becomes reluctant for the show to end. Amidst deafening chants of Once More, the artists of the star band finally take a bow. 

It's a delight to see faculty & students sitting together at the amphitheatre with their friends & family. INCEPTION provides a rare opportunity for them to have an informal interaction together, something that is not visible usually amidst their respective busy schedules & the classroom set-up. Right outside the venue is present a plethora of food stalls selling all kinds of cuisines imaginable to any Indian complemented by their favourite drinks. 

Not just the performers the audience too gets an equal opportunity to win prizes, goodies & gift vouchers. The show leaves all the students with memories of their lifetimes & planning for an even bigger & better INCEPTION begins from the next day onwards.

Student Committee

Aishwarya Agarwal 91-9910628109
Harshendu Dave 91-8401441886
Ishu Verma 91-9695177031
Naina Monga 91-9873848848
Pragya Mantri 91-8698621785
Shreyans Chhajer 91-8420495159
Sukriti Chhabra 91-9910623108

Standing (L to R): Shreyans Chajjer, Ishu Verma, Aishwarya Agarwal, Harshendu Dave
Seating (L to R): Sukriti Chhabra, Pragya Mantri, Naina Monga