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Sprockets is the Photography and Movie-making cell of Goa Institute of Management. The cell captures all major events and happenings in GIM and therefore, creates valuable bytes for the college’s promotional activities.

The team also helps the institute in capturing interviews of keynote visitors to the colleges for its initiative, Take-5.

Sprockets also organizes a number of photography and movie-making competitions for the students and has organized photography exhibitions in Goa to showcase the talent GIM has.

Starting this year, Sprockets is working on the initiative – ‘GIM Cast’ where all major talks and events will be broadcasted live to keep the alumni members and the outside world connected with GIM.

Contact Us

Student Committee

Abhimanyu Singh Chaudhary 91-8123950595
Pranshu Bansal 91-9168662686
Pratyay Mukhopadhyay 91-9804674805
Sautrik Joardar 91-9836582724
Shobhit Chawla 91-9168662776

Standing (L to R): Pratyay Mukhopadhyay, Shobhit Chawla
Seating (L to R): Abhimanyu Singh Chaudhary, Sautrik Joardar, Pranshu Bansal