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The Systems Club

The Systems Club of Goa Institute of Management, a student-driven club is committed towards keeping all our fellow batch mates up to date with the needs and requirements of the corporate world from technological perspective. 

We keep the batch abreast with the latest advancements and innovations in the world of technology through regular updates with the help of various social media and internal communication channels. We also endure to lighten the moods by hosting fun events every trimester. 


  1. Keeping the batch updated with various technological happenings. 
  2. Helping students in IT related issues. This is primarily the responsibility of IT department of GIM and IT@GIM would only compliment them 
  3. Helping with summer and final placements by providing presentations about companies on campus. 

Some of the activities undertaken by the club in the last academic year (2015-17) are:

Gaming Week Lock and Load Quest Run 2.0

Contact Us

Student Committee

Aayushi 91-9673246284
Athul 91-9446592582
Barkha 91-7014264195
Darshan 91-8989070887
Sourav 91-8436207855
Wahid 91-9651208888

Standing (L to R): Wahid Khan, Sourav Ghosh, Athul A
Seating (L to R): Aayushi Arun , Darshan Bhalerao , Barkha Jain