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D2C Igniters Club, GIM is an official liaison between Dare2Compete and GIM. It is well known that Dare2Compete is the most used and visited online platform by all the B-schools and also some eminent engineering colleges, to host events like quiz, hackathons, case study competition, etc.

So as D2C Igniters Club, GIM we provide an official stage to conduct all the clubs' events and competitions; and a medium to reach out to more audience through our club, and thereby, increasing the promotion of event. D2C igniters club will be acting only as a facilitator and a medium through which we shall strive to propagate and increase the visibility of the events and club activities of GIM.

We are constantly coordinating with Igniters Club of other colleges as well across the country; and soon D2C is expanding its global reach by reaching out to Ivy League colleges like Harvard, NUS, Yale, LSE.

Student Committee

Ajay 91-9926443788
Anjali 91-7030477469
Hitesh 91-8168541699
Mahima 91-9582176580