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SCOPES, the Supply Chain and Operations Club, strives to live up to the vigor of Operations enthusiasts and is a step ahead in ensuring that learning doesn’t stop at books.

Motto: Observe, Operate, Optimize.

With this vision, SCOPES brings operations to the real ground, to our daily lives and, bringing in new challenges every time to make learning more interesting.

With events like Smugglers Retreat, Continuum and the ever popular “Beer Game”, it ensures that team work, strategy & competition becomes enjoyable and the complex fundamentals of Supply chain and Operations become clear among all the enthusiasts.

Organizing our flagship event, Beer Game, is an open challenge for teams to compete and prove themselves as the most efficient strategists. In real life, more than the understanding one gets by playing as different entities in a single supply chain, it is the learning when numerous supply chains compete with one another, then the real strategic intent is made clear.


While SCOPES endeavors to facilitate learning, it also tries to come up with events not only limited to Operations majors’ appeal but also to all who wants to hone their skills in strategy and planning, and of course, not to forget a bit of challenge that titillates your brain cells!


SCOPES has taken GIM Operations stream to the national level with its Case Study competition Continuum, witnessing a huge participation from India’s top B-schools.



Flagship Events

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Student Committee

Aarti Garde 91-9730754189
Aayush Shrivastav 91-9910291356
Himanshu Sharma 91-8800093531
Mohit Pai 91-9850274841
Sejal Salunke 91-9545234664
Suhail Khan 91-9545262242

Standing (L to R): Aayush Shrivastav, Suhail Khan, Himanshu Sharma
Seating (L to R): Aarti Garde, Mohit Pai, Sejal Salunke