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RAZZMATAZZ - The Cultural Club

RaZzMaTaZz, the cultural club of GIM, organizes various stress busting events throughout the year, both within and outside the campus. These include festival celebrations, parties, talent contests and many other recreational activities. During a year filled with hectic academic schedules and intense workload that is associated with a management course, RaZzMaTaZz provides that much needed opportunity to break-free!

Our main events include:

Contact Us

Student Committee

Angad Bahal 91-8939736252
Eliath Fernandes 91-9765100686
Megha Gupta 91-7219099991
Rohit Bhuwania 91-7219007596
Siddharth Bhutra 91-9836072261
Zenelyn Afonso 91-9765385418

Standing (L to R): Angad Bahal, Siddharth Bhutra, Rohit Bhuwania
Seating (L to R): Megha Gupta, Eliath Fernandes, Zenelyn Afonso